• Unknowing is commitment to moderation

    7 March 2023 by

    Unknowing is inescapably an exercise in moderation. I’m talking here about political moderation. In other respects, unknowing encourages us towards an immoderate lifestyle. One which embraces mischief and counters convention. In an age of populism and polarisation, though, an inclination to political moderation is unknowing’s contribution. But moderation is a term that is fraught with… Read more

  • The pluralist path to unknowing

    11 February 2022 by

    Who doesn’t support pluralism? Who would deny themselves the right to live peaceably in their own way with their own views, without interference or coercion to be other than they are? Nobody that I can think of. Yet, we live at a time when pluralism is under threat and the pressure to conform to somebody’s… Read more

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