• Not knowing is a defining condition of life

    27 July 2021 by

    A premise of unknowing is that, while not knowing is a defining condition of life, we mostly behave as if we know. At its most basic level, our not knowing is a truism. While each of us functions from our own individual base of knowledge, an inescapable facet of existence is that we do not… Read more

  • The etymology of unknowing

    12 February 2021 by

    The word “unknowing” does not generally have positive connotations. It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as an adjective (though also used as a barely distinguishable present participle) meaning: Not knowing; not possessing knowledge or understanding; ignorant; ill-informed; naive. The sense in which I’m using it is almost the opposite of this. I’m… Read more

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